Workers’ Compensation Claim leads to $800,000 for Laborer

A 25 year old laborer suffered an injury while working for his employer. His job duties require him to safely operate nearby heavy machinery everyday. Heavy weight from nearby machinery fallen onto his foot and had caused crushing injuries. Any injury while performing duties for your employer is eligible under Illinois workers compensation laws, this […]

I Got Hurt at Work, Now What?

Getting hurt or injured on the job can be frightening and is often the cause of anger, anxiety, and fear.  Often these fears revolve around the employee thinking that they will be fired or it was their fault. Fortunately, the law protects injured workers in Illinois.  Employers cannot fire or retaliate against someone for filing […]

Ex-Metra Engineer Gets $5.3M After Slip

Ex-Metra engineer gets $5.3M after slip Originally posted on Chicago Law Bulletin Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn Pocket Ex-Metra engineer gets $5.3M after slip​ A Cook County jury on Tuesday awarded $5.3 million to a man who needed a spinal fusion after slipping on snow and ice while wearing an oily boot. Plaintiff Christopher Cravatta, a […]