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MILITARY Wrongful Death & Contractor Claims

You may be able to seek justice

The military is a dangerous line of work. While much of America recognizes the dangerous nature of serving overseas in a combat zone, the dangerous nature of stateside service is often overlooked. However, training for war (even stateside) can be extremely dangerous, and training accidents do occur. Military members are usually barred from bringing claims against the military itself due to something known as the Feres doctrine. However, that does not mean justice is unobtainable.

When third parties, such as contractors and equipment manufacturers, contribute to a military member’s death, they may be liable.

There is also a statutory exception to the Feres doctrine that allows certain types of medical malpractice claims to be pursued.

Additionally, when on a military base, military members’ families may be harmed by someone else’s wrongdoing. When that happens, they may be able to pursue a claim, whether against the military or someone else (such as an individual person or a contractor).

Many law firms shy away from these types of claims because they are complex and liability can be difficult to prove. However, Cronauer Law is not afraid to take on these cases, despite long odds and powerful opponents. If you are the loved one of a military member who has tragically passed away, or if you yourself were harmed as a military dependent, contact Cronauer Law for a free consultation.

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