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Military Law

The laws surrounding the military are strict and complex. Make sure you are represented by someone with experience that you can trust.  Read below to learn more about our military law practice or click here for answers to common questions.

In our military law practice, we represent servicemembers in criminal and administrative cases. We also handle civil litigation on behalf of servicemembers' families.

Court-Martial Defense

Administered in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), a court-martial is a criminal prosecution. As such, a conviction can have devastating consequences on your freedom, your career, and your future employment opportunities. Don't risk the consequences of inexperienced counsel.

Nonjudicial Punishment (Article 15)

Whether referred to as an “Article 15,” “Nonjudicial punishment,” “NJP,” or “Captain’s Mast,” the consequences are serious. As the name explicitly says, this is punishment—it can result in loss of rank, loss of pay, and more. Make sure you have someone you can trust in your corner.

Administrative Discharge (ADSEP)

How someone’s service is characterized stays with them for life. It is also frequently asked about on school and job applications. Discharges characterized as UO or UOTHC carry a major stigma. And even a general discharge may result in the loss of veterans benefits such as the G.I. Bill.

Military Investigations

Military members can be investigated in a variety of ways. While civilian authorities can investigate military members just like ordinary citizens, the military also has a number of ways to conduct its own investigations. Whether during a military law enforcement investigation or during a command-initiated administrative investigation, it's important to know your rights.

USERRA & Veterans Discrimination

Former service members—and those still serving in the reserves—face a unique situation in the workforce. Your skills may be exceptional, but your civilian employer may not fully understand your military experience or appreciate the dedication it takes to continue to serve. Laws protect veterans and service members from discrimination in this setting. Make sure you know your rights.

Military Wrongful Death & Contractor Claims

The military is a dangerous job. Even training activities have the potential to be dangerous. Military members—and their surviving family—are usually limited in the types of claims they can bring against the military. However, that does not mean obtaining justice is impossible. Cronauer Law has experience in handling these types of claims. We are ready to guide you through the process.