Sexual Assault and Related Offenses

Sexual Assault and Related Offenses

Found in Articles 120—120c, UCMJ

Sexual assault and related sex offenses in the military often come with the same sex offender registration requirements as sex crimes in the civilian world. Confinement is common upon conviction, as is a punitive discharge (which may even be required depending on the crime).

In the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), the bulk of the sex offenses are found in Articles 120—120c. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Article 120: Rape and sexual assault generally.
  • Article 120a: Mails: deposit of obscene matter.
  • Article 120b: Rape and sexual assault of a child.
  • Article 120c: Other sexual misconduct.
Each UCMJ article above has various subsections which criminalize distinct conduct, thereby covering a wide variety of acts.

There have been multiple changes to this area of the law in recent years. Thus, an offense that allegedly occurred several years ago may be prosecuted under the prior version of the UCMJ, which was in effect at the time of the conduct. The statute of limitations in the UCMJ has also been amended in recent years, which can further complicate things.

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