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Our Technology

Technology changes the world every day. The courtroom is no exception. Modern juries expect to see technology at trial. They want to be engaged and they want to be immersed in the facts of the case.

Our technology helps judges and jurors fully comprehend the case and rule in your favor.

We use the power of realistic imaging to shock and convince judges and jurors that you deserve higher compensation.

Our in-house technology team can create a 3D reconstruction of your accident. This lets judges and jurors experience and fully comprehend your trauma.

Your inexplicable pain and suffering comes to life in the courtroom. Judges and jurors feel your agony and readily award you everything you deserve.

The use of visual evidence with a jury is favored by courts because of its aid in comprehension; however, not enough law firms appreciate this nor do they pursue it in trial.

Our in-house team of technologists work with medical experts and crash reconstructions to investigate every law that applies to your injuries. After thorough exploration, our team prepares to present your case at trial.

We wholeheartedly invest in you and your case because we know you should be awarded to the fullest extent of the law.

Where other law firms take the first settlement, we fight until the best settlement.

We find evidence where nobody looks

Society absorbs information different than any prior time in history. Most videos watched are under a minute, and based on the habits of people using Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, if you don’t grab people’s attention in the first 7 seconds, you’ve lost.

But jury trials in a courtroom take days, even months of explanation before the jury decides their final verdict.

Lawyers who embrace technology will lead in the courtroom.

A talented team to work on your case

Because we have advanced in-house technology capabilities, our team  cuts through complicated legal talk in the courtroom.

Judges and jurors will understand the evidence we present, increasing our chances of a favorable outcome.