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Civil Rights

Civil rights violations can occur in a variety of places, from employment settings to everyday interactions with businesses and public officials. Make sure you are represented by someone with experience that you can trust. Read below to learn more about this practice area, or click here for answers to common questions.

We represent people whose civil rights have been violated. Examples of this would be employment discrimination, accessibility denials, and violations of constitutional rights.

Employment discrimination

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There are a variety of laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace. These laws are designed to ensure fair treatment, from job application through hire. Many of these laws also prohibit retaliation if someone makes a discrimination complaint. Don't risk the consequences of inexperienced counsel.


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Generally speaking, public entities (e.g., state and local governments) and businesses that serve the public (e.g., stores and restaurants) must ensure their services are accessible to people with disabilities. This is a nuanced area of the law that can become very complicated depending on the service at issue. Choose a firm you can trust.


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Our Constitution enshrines various rights into law. Examples would be things like equal protection and prohibiting unlawful searches and seizures. If someone's Constitutional rights are violated, they may be able to pursue a private lawsuit seeking compensation. Our firm is experienced in these types of lawsuits and is prepared to discuss your potential case.