The mission of Cronauer Law is to provide quality legal services to our clients using a team of highly skilled and motivated people, emphasizing specialized training and advanced technology.

We are not intimidated by the challenges of taking on large corporations, insurance companies, or the Government. The dedicated team of legal professionals at Cronauer Law will work tirelessly to uncover the truth and take your case to court.

We value deep analysis of every client's case.

Through our investments in cutting edge technologies and evidence investigation techniques, our lawyers can take every case to trial and be empowered with all of the evidence at their disposal.

Our team consists of  high performing paralegals, investigators, technologists, and lawyers.  Together we focus on getting the best possible outcome in court for our clients.

We go all in

We are trial Lawyers

Experts in the courtroom. The bigger the challenge, the better. We will never back down, no matter who we are up against.

Here for you

Whether you were wrongfully injured or unjustly accused, Cronauer Law is here to rebuild what was taken from you and help you move forward in life.  We have helped countless people get the justice they deserve.